Google Duo is getting major new features, including group calls


It seems like just yesterday that Google Duo was announced, but it has been around for over a year now. Duo is one of the easiest video calling apps you can use, but it’s pretty barebones. Google hasn’t added many features since it was launched. It appears Duo will be getting some major new features in 2018.

Duo is a big part of the new Google Assistant smart displays we’re seeing at CES. Justin Uberti, the lead engineer for Google Duo, tweeted about the new smart displays and he was asked about more features. The Twitter use asked specifically about Duo for the web and Chrome OS, group calling, and better audio quality. Uberti responded by simply saying “Yes” to all four features. That seems like a good sign.

Do you use Google Duo at all? Would these feature make you more interested?

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