This luxury bracelet is also a phone charger and it’s on sale


Admittedly we’ve all been in that situation where you forget to bring a cable along with you or in fact you simply forget to charge your phone. Well, the Infinity Links Bracelet solves a solution to that problem as you’ll have a charging cable at arm’s length… literally. Combining the best of technology and craftsmanship, these fine leather accessories have some practicality and function to it.

Design & Features

Infinity Links have built this product from the ground up with design and functionality in mind. The braided leather and clean look of the product itself adds to its luxury feel. They offer two colorways which are grey or gold which are available for either Android (Micro USB) or iPhone (Lightning Port). The middle section is where the USB and charging connector are slotted in place and the overall size was just right my wrist. 

To use the bracelet pull the middle section clasp to reveal the USB charger and either the Lightning Port or Micro USB. You’d then simply plug it into a socket or charging device and watch your bracelet start to charge your devices! Once you’re done with it just put the charger back into the slot and slap it on your wrist – it’s that simple.

Pricing & Sale

Offered in grey or gold with 3 different sizes – either small, large or a double loop – the Infinity Links Bracelet is currently on sale for $33.99 which can be reduced by a further 30% using the code ‘SAVE30’ – bringing the price down to $23.99. This is a great product for those in the market for a luxury bracelet that also doubles up as a USB charger for your devices!

If you are interested in picking up the Infinity Links USB Charging Bracelet, you’ll find it available via the link below.


Hamzah Baig
Hamzah Baig is a UK-based content creator on YouTube and a technology enthusiast. While not working on any upcoming videos his time is geared towards creating content for Phandroid and pursuing his sports career. He is an ex Great Britain Gymnast and has now decided to commit to his online ventures while balancing out sport and studying Computer Science.

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