ZTE Axon 7 will receive Android 8.0 Oreo in April and will feature new ‘Stock + UI’


Last week news broke that the ZTE was working an Android Oreo update for the ZTE Axon 7. It was a fabulous device when it launched in the summer of last year but ZTE is still building on a track record when it comes to Android updates.

The Axon 7 initially launched with Android 6.0 Marshmallow in July of 2016 and although Android 7.0 wasn’t made available until October, the update to Nougat wouldn’t be seen until February of 2017. It was actually faster than other OEMs and quite a feat for a device not being sold in carrier stores.

That being said, users weren’t sure what to expect in terms of a software update to Android 8.0 Oreo, but ZTE laid some of those fears to rest when they announced last week that work had already begun. The only problem was a lack of an ETA — especially if they’re just getting started now — but ZTE has revealed additional details, some that’s sure to please die-hard Android enthusiasts.

Posted in ZTE’s German forum, the manufacturer has confirmed that the update is scheduled to be released in April, along with a new version of their software that’s never been seen. ZTE is calling it “Stock + UI” and if the name is any indication, could provide for an even cleaner build of Android without all the bloat or custom UI teaks. We’ll have to wait to see exactly what they mean, but

ZTE | via The Android Soul

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