Confirmed: ZTE Axon 7 will receive Android 8.0 Oreo, update is ‘just around the corner’


One of the downsides to buying less “mainstream” Android devices is you’re never quite sure where they stand when it comes to Android updates. Security patches are fairly common, but For devices like the ZTE Axon 7, the question of whether or not the device would be updated to Android 8.0 (it initially launched with Marshmallow) has been weighing on customers’ minds since Oreo was made official a few months ago.

Well, ZTE is finally chiming in on this subject with a post in their product forum announcing that work on Android 8.0 Oreo for the ZTE Axon 7 has already begun. Here’s a snippet from their post:

“We are announcing now that we are already developing android 8 for the Axon 7, your positive feedback has been inspiring us a lot and made us very happy and because of this we try to get it customer ready as soon as possible for the best customers in the world, and I ask for your understanding because we still need some time to perfect it.”

As you can see, there’s still no ETA on exactly when the rollout will begin, only that the company still needs additional time to “perfect it.” The title of the post indicates the update is “just around the corner,” so it sounds like it could commence sometime soon. Since the post was made in the European forum, it’s still unclear if this will also include US models but it seems likely.

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