Andy Rubin has returned to Essential after short leave of absence


The father of Android has returned to Essential after a short two-week leave of absence first announced back in November. Rubin decided to take his leave of absence from Essential after The Information reported on a story that stated Rubin had carried on an inappropriate relationship while he served as a top executive at Google.

The relationship was a consensual one, but the report indicates that Rubin was required to disclose his relationship with a subordinate as both worked in the Android division. Because the relationship was not disclosed, it was considered policy misconduct by Google and could have been a contributing factor to why Rubin left the company.

The departure of Rubin from the company put questions into investors minds of whether the company would remain solvent, as the Essential Phone’s price point made it a hard sell during a crowded launch season for smartphones. Now that the phone has received a permanent price drop, things may be looking up for the start-up.

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