Dec 7th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:44 am

ASUS has already confirmed that its latest smartphones will get an Oreo upgrade, but it didn’t tell us when. Now it looks like the ZenFone 4 could be blessed with Android 8.0 this month, just over a month after making its debut in the United States.

When ASUS said that it would start rolling out Oreo “by the second half of 2018,” fans assumed they had a lengthy wait to endure. After all, the second half of 2018 is more than six months away. But if you own a ZenFone 4, it looks like the wait will be a lot shorter.

According to a moderator on the official ASUS forums, the Taiwanese company’s latest smartphone will get Android 8.0 this month. And with just over three weeks left in December, that means it could be dropping any day now.

It’s likely users in Taiwan will get the update first, so the rest of us could be waiting a little longer. But it seems Oreo is close, and it’s an update well worth looking forward to. In addition to new emoji characters, we expect split-screen multitasking, better battery life, and lots more.

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