Dec 4th, 2017

The rumors are really starting to come out of the woodworks regarding Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S9. However, the latest rumor is regarding one of the accessories that was introduced alongside the Galaxy S8 lineup.

Samsung DeX was announced at the Galaxy S8 event and provides the ability to for users to dock their phones and then connect the device to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. A new rumor claims that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch with an updated version of the DeX dock, with the new name of the Samsung DeX Pad.

The rumor claims that you will be able to connect your device to an HDMI monitor, but will still be able to interact without a keyboard and mouse. However, we are assuming that the option to connect peripherals will still be included this time around.

Finally, a few more key details about the DeX dock are unknown, including how the connection will be performed and if there will be a wireless charging pad included. Pricing could end up being around the same $149.99 price point of the original DeX dock, but we’ll have to wait for the official announcement to learn more.

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