The Essential Phone won’t be forgotten just because of Rubin’s absence


Yesterday, it was announced that Andy Rubin would be taking a leave of absence from his post at Essential amidst claims of “inappropriate” musings while he was at Google. It seems that Rubin is being accused entering into a relationship with a subordinate – which is against Google’s rules – before the relationship itself took a turn for the worst.

Without skipping a beat, Essential’s Bi-weekly AMA on Reddit took place, where Rubin was understandably the center of many conversations. While some were asking questions regarding the next Oreo beta update for the Essential Phone, there were plenty of questions asked about the future of the company itself, as well as what lies ahead for device support.

There you have it. If there was any concern about whether Essential would be “lost” without Rubin at the helm, it seems that everything will continue to be business as usual. In fact, not only did the company confirm that the next Oreo beta would be dropping next week, it was also announced that a new portrait mode is making its way to owners of the PH-1.

So it seems that there is plenty of work left to be done while Rubin has taken his leave of absence, but it would definitely be a more comfortable situation of there was some type of statement from Rubin himself. Nonetheless, if you want to check out the full thread of comments, questions, and answers, you can hit the link here to see what Essential had to say in its latest AMA.

Be sure to let us know what you make of this whole situation in the comments below.


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