The possibility of the Galaxy S9 featuring an embedded fingerprint scanner just got higher


Back in October, it was discovered that Samsung had filed a new patent for a pressure-sensitive fingerprint scanner, something we were expecting to see on one of its 2017 devices. However, there was no news about whether the patent had been granted or not – until today.

As of today, the World Intellectual Property Organisation has confirmed that Samsung has been granted the aforementioned patent. As for what the patent details, there will be up to 12 pressure points on the display, which will not only allow you to unlock your device, but to also access secure applications, contacts, or messages.

The fingerprint sensor will be sandwiched between the glass and the touch sensor itself, with a haptic sensor placed on the bottom of the module. This is to give the consumer some feedback when the fingerprint scanner is being accessed, even if the verification hasn’t been accessed.

Not only will the fingerprint scanner give you access to the rest of your phone, but it is expected for Samsung to integrate this sensor into Samsung Pay, making mobile payments even easier than it already is. The move to an integrated fingerprint scanner is something that we were expecting to see with either the Galaxy S8 lineup or the Galaxy Note 8, but that turned out to not be the case.

Instead, we’re hoping and wishing that Samsung introduces the Galaxy S9 early in 2018 with this technology included. It’s likely that we’ll see more manufacturer’s follow suit, and this may be the “next big thing” for smartphones across the board. It’s also important to recognize that although the patent has been filed, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the technology is ready for primetime, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed to see this technology arrive on more devices.

Let us know what you think about this patent filing approval in the comments below, and if you think that Galaxy S9 lineup will feature a fingerprint scanner which has been embedded into the display.



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