Google’s offensive hamburger ? emoji has been fixed in Android 8.1 DP2 [THANK GOD]


A few weeks ago, it was brought to Google’s attention that Android’s hamburger emoji was upside down. It wasn’t always this way but apparently some wires got crossed and the hamburger emoji — which added cheese as part of Android 8.0’s big emoji redesign — wasn’t stacked correctly. To be clear: no human being puts the cheese on the bottom level of a hamburger, just under the meat. It’s just not proper.

When word finally got back to Google about this travesty, CEO Sundar Pichai promised to drop everything and address the issue. Here we are, only a few short weeks later and it looks like the insult has been rectified. In Android 8.1 DP2 — which began rolling out yesterday to those enrolled in the beta — Google took the time to further revise a few of their emoji, including the hamburger which now officially places the cheese above the patty as the good Lord intended. That means once Android 8.1 is finally ready for the general public (rolling out to Nexus/Pixel devices later this year), all will be right in the world of emoji.

Now, we hate to be pedantic but Google’s hamburger emoji isn’t the only one constructed oddly. It’s worth noting that Apple’s hamburger emoji in iOS places the lettuce at the bottom of the burger. How long before they fix it? The clock is already ticking…

via Emojipedia

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