Bad advice: Google pop-up shop employee tells customers to cut the cord connecting Pixel Buds together


About a month ago, Google began opening specialty pop-up shops showcasing this year’s Made By Google products. It’s here anyone can walk in, check out Google’s latest wares and if they like what they see, walk out with some pretty cool new tech.

One of the more recent items to become available in their stores were their new Pixel Buds. The wireless earbuds are supposed to offer an experience similar to Apple’s AirPods thanks to a painfully simply pairing method, charging case, and a mostly wireless experience save for a cord connecting the two buds together.

In case you thought the cord was only meant to tether the buds together and keep you from losing them — it absolutely is not. I know, it sounds obvious but apparently even employees working the Google Store pop-up shop were having trouble wrapping their head around the purpose of the cable.

As told by a user on Reddit, a pop-up shop employee (which is likely a Verizon authorized retailer employee) allegedly told them — and other customers — if they didn’t like the the look of the cord connecting the earbuds, they could simply cut and remove it entirely for a more AirPod-esque true wireless design.

“I decided to finally walk over and check out the Google store here in Manhattan and checked out the pixel buds.
A Google employee came over to me and asked if I wanted to pre order a pair? I told him I already did and they should be here Tuesday.
I told him hopefully in the future there won’t be a cord.
He said with a dead serious face ‘just cut the cord’. I was like?! Google said not to cut the cord.
He was confused and asked me why? I proceeded to tell him the reasons and he’s like ‘well I better stop telling people that’.”

But this advice couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. As laid out on the PIxel Buds support page, Google clearly states:

“The cord between the two earbuds conducts power and audio signals so do not cut it. The warranty will be voided if the cord is cut.”

And there you have it. The cord connecting Google’s Pixel Buds is mandatory for the headphones to function and 100% there by design. Google’s pop-up shops are currently open to the public (10AM – 8PM) and run until Dec 31st. For more on Pixel Buds, you can check them out on their Google Store page linked down below.

Buy Pixel Buds at Google Store


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