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Wireless charging is a feature that has been available on Android devices since 2012 and has been a standard for manufacturers like Samsung for a few smartphone generations. In fact, if you have a recently released Samsung or Motorola smartphone, you can probably charge your phone wirelessly. Now that Apple is on board with wireless charging on the iPhone 8, expect to see a lot more Android manufacturers including this “new” feature.

Curious about the best wireless charger to use with your phone? Samsung’s newest phones support the Qi wireless charging standard, which is what the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X finally support. Now that Apple has finally caught up to the world of Android, you can bet you’ll see a lot more Android manufacturers making wireless charging a feature for their smartphones.

Best Wireless Chargers

  • RAVPower Wireless Charger
  • Anker Wireless Charger
  • Tylt Vu Wireless Charger for Car
  • Incipio Ghost 110
  • Samsung Wireless Charging Stand
  • Turbot Wireless Charging Stand
  • 2-in-1 Wireless Charger
  • IKEA Do-It-Yourself Wireless Charger

The best charging accessory really depends on the orientation you want to charge your phone. Here’s a peek at some of the best available on Amazon with our recommendations highlighted based on our past reviews. We’ve chosen the RAVPower wireless charger as best overall since it is capable of fast charging both Samsung and iPhone devices when others on this list cannot.

1. RAVPower Wireless Charger – Best Overall

GET RAVPower Wireless Charger
RAVPower’s name doesn’t have the same clout as some of the other manufacturers on this list, but they offer great third-party accessories at a reasonable price. Their wireless charging puck supports Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 so you get the fastest charge possible with current wireless technology on the handful of Android devices that support wireless charging.

Amazon has this wireless charging puck available for $49.99 but using the coupon code PHANWIRE you can save $10 bucks and drop the price down to just $39.99. Considering this is one of the few third-party wireless chargers that supports QuickCharge, we think it’s the best one on this list. Our coupon code is good until 11/31.

2. Anker Wireless Charger

Get Anker Wireless Charger
This Anker wireless charger is pretty great because it can charge your phone up to two times faster than most wireless chargers. It has a few LED indicators around the edge that light up when the phone is being charged, as well as safety features to protect against overheating.

3. Incipio Ghost 110

Get Incipio Ghost 110
Incipio is one of the most respected and trusted case manufacturers for Android phones, so it’s not surprising that they also offer a Qi wireless charging plate. It’s not quite a fast as Anker’s wireless charging plate, but it does have an LED on the side that lets you know your phone has made the connection.

4. Samsung Wireless Charging Stand

Get Samsung Wireless Charging Stand
Samsung offers its own Qi wireless charging stand for its devices, but even if you don’t have a Samsung phone it will charge any Qi-enabled device. It’s pretty nifty because it’s different than the previous two, as it allows you to stand your phone up instead of laying it down on a pad. That’s ideal if you have pets who might knock your phone off a pad.

5. Turbot Wireless Charging Stand

Get Turbot Wireless Charger
This is another upright stand for those of you who may not like the idea of laying your phone down in a way that it can be easily nudged off of the pad. It holds your phone at a comfortable viewing angle for reading or gaming, so you can still use the phone while you’re charging it.

6. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Get Samsung Wireless Charging Pad
Wireless charging has been around so long on Android that manufacturers like Samsung have released several different charging puck ideas. If you don’t like the way the Samsung stand above holds the phone, this one is just a puck you set on your desk and lay the phone on top. It’s more akin to the Anker charge pad in it’s design.

7. Tylt Vu Wireless Charger for Cars

Get Tylt Vu Wireless Car Charger
Wireless charging at home is nice, but it quickly becomes annoying when you’re switching between setting your phone down to charge and having to plug it up while you’re in the car. If you use GPS and other features that drain your smartphone’s battery while you’re driving, consider the Tylt Vu wireless charging dock. It can hold any size phone and will charge any Qi-compatible smartphone. If you want to know more about this wireless charger, be sure to check out our review.

8. 2-in-1 Fast Qi Wireless Charger

GET 2-in-1 Wireless Charger
If you’re having trouble deciding on a fast wireless charger that’s a puck or a stand, why not get one that can offer both orientations? This 2-in-1 wireless charger can sit flat on a desk to serve like a puck, or you can attach a stand to the back and have it sit up like a wireless charging stand.

The device is capable of fast charging most recent Samsung smartphones, though if you’re looking at this charger for an iPhone device you’ll be stuck with the standard (read slow) charging speed.

9. IKEA Rallen Do-It-Yourself Wireless Charger

Hate the idea of a puck that your phone sits on top of and could easily be knocked off by kids or pets? IKEA’s on the same page with you since they sell a variety of furniture accessories that include wireless charging built-in, but for the true do-it-yourselfer they sell the wireless charging puck by itself for you to integrate into your own furniture. The price is more reasonable than some of the other standalone products on this list, too.
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