This is AT&T’s first ‘5G Evolution’ hotspot, and it’s pretty awesome


AT&T and Netgear have teamed up to create the first ‘5G Evolution’ mobile hotspot. It’s coming in under NETGEAR’s Nighthawk brand, which has grown to be pretty popular over the years.

The biggest thing AT&T says the Nighthawk has going for it is its access to AT&T’s ‘5G Evolution’ network, which — every time we say it — we feel the need to point out isn’t actually 5G. In fact, the bits that make up ‘5G Evolution,’ including 4G LTE-compatible features like 4×4 MIMO and carrier aggregation, are already in use by other carriers.

But we digress. It figures to be AT&T’s most capable hotspot yet in almost all areas by other means. Not only does it offer up the faster LTE access (only in Austin and Indianapolis right now, but be assured it’s compatible with all of AT&T’s LTE network), you’re also getting a massive 5,040mAh battery, which is juicy enough to offer up to 24 hours.

You can even use it to charge other devices. It also has an onboard display showing you battery life, network status, and your data usage. You can have up to 20 devices connected at once, and it also comes with full parental control, device access management, and even content streaming through connected USB drives or microSD cards.

You can snag one for $49.99 if you’re willing to sign a two-year contract. That’s not a bad ask for this package if you find yourself in need of mobile data on a regular basis. Look for it to reach AT&T store shelves Friday, October 27th.

via AT&T

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