Verizon announces it will stop throttling video streaming


Back in August, Verizon announced plans to reduce your video streaming capabilities to just 480p on smartphones and 720p on tablets. However, it seems that Verizon is yet again reversing its course on the matter. According to CNET, Verizon will be bringing back full-quality streaming on its mobile network.

The move is expected to be made on November 3rd, when customers will have the ability to stream video content in up to 4K resolution. However, there’s a catch, as subscribers will be required to pay an extra $10 per month in order to truly take advantage of high-resolution streaming video streaming.

There’s no mention as to how the current plans will be restructured, other than adding the option for up to 4K streaming for $10 extra per month. CNET also states that “video will be delivered at its original resolution”, so depending upon which device you own, you may not actually need to pay the extra $10 per month since you wouldn’t notice a difference in video quality regardless.

Regardless, I’ll tip my cap to Verizon for backing down from its controversial stance on video streaming. It’s always good to see a carrier listen to its users, even if it is still trying to extract as much money as possible from its subscribers. Let us know what you think about this move and if you’re excited to watch your videos in whatever resolution you want.


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