We may be closer than ever to a T-Mobile and Sprint merger


As we near the end of the fiscal Q2 2017, this usually marks the point where companies hold earnings calls to discuss various aspects of the business. However, two large companies will not be holding earnings calls and this is due to the fact they may be nearing a huge merger.

While T-Mobile decided not to hold an earnings call, CEO John Legere appeared in a 7-minute video for investors but did not take any questions. Meanwhile, Sprint simply stated in a press release that the figures for the quarter would be revealed, but there would be no conference call held.

The two companies lack of providing a traditional earnings call for the quarter leads most to speculate that the rumored merger could be launched at any day. This may be as simple as dotting a few t’s and crossing a few i’s, but this would make shockwaves across the mobile network industry.

Initial rumors claimed that the merger would be announced this month, new rumors state it’s been pushed to next month. Regardless, we’ll just have to see how all of this plays out, because even if the companies agree on a merger, there are plenty of hurdles that will need to be jumped before it actually happens.



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