Oct 19th, 2017

Originally announced last year ago at Google I/O, Android’s “Instant apps” were a fantastic feature that gives users the ability to try apps without having to commit and download them to their device. Originally they were only made available to few developers as a sort of test run, but with the new tools announced at this year’s I/O, Instant apps were finally opened to all developers.

To make it easier to find Instant apps on the Play Store, Google is grouping them into a single “Apps to Try Now” category, along with a handy “Try Now” button on the app’s listing to instantly launch an app — no downloading necessary. This makes it easier to identify apps and puts them in one place to browse through them all.

You can find them all right here if you want to give them a spin for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like and end up downloading it.

Apps to Try Now
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