Galaxy Note 8: unlock HDR 4K and 60fps 2K video recording using this camera mod


The Galaxy Note 8 features some of the best video recording quality you’ll find on an Android device. With the ability to shoot 4K video and the added bonus of software and hardware OIS, video is smooth, stable, and most importantly crisp. That doesn’t mean it can’t get better and the clever developers over on XDA have added support for the Galaxy Note 8 in the latest version of their custom Zero Camera Mod.

Available in an app and flashable zip combo, the Zero Camera Mod unlocks added features you can’t normally get from the Galaxy Note 8’s camera. Notably, the ability to shoot 60fps video in 2K resolution (Exynos version only) and HDR support in 4K (Exyons and Snapdragon variants) — two features normally only available when shooting in 1080p. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s all the other improvements the app brings to the Note 8’s camera shooting capabilities:

  • QHD @ 60fps (2560×1440) – Exynos Only
  • HDR for 4K / QHD
  • AutoFocus Tracking all modes
  • No Recording Time Limits
  • Increased Bitrates
  • Increased JPG quality for single and burst shots.
  • Installs latest Samsung Camera revision
  • Video Effects for modes 4K
  • Remove No Flash limit at 15% battery
  • Remove 4GB video file size limit – App only
  • Adjust Photo Edge Sharpness & DeNoise settings – App only (Exynos only currently)
  • Custom Shutter Speed > 10 seconds – App only
  • Choose your own custom Gallery – App only
  • Custom bitrates for 1080p30, 720p, 1:1 – Due to library change – App only

As you would guess, you will need a rooted Galaxy Note 8 to take advantage of this mod and a special companion app is also required to fine tune the settings to your liking. If taking the best possible photos and videos from your Galaxy Note 8 is a high priority to you, the Zero Camera Mod could be worth the effort of rooting your device and unlocking its true potential.

Zero Camera Mod (thread) via XDA

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