You’ll finally be able to pre-order the LG V30 starting on October 5th


After much anticipation and basically nothing coming from LG, the LG V30 will finally be available to pre-order at most carriers starting on October 5th. The device was announced back at IFA 2017 and has been garnering much praise for its new, sleek design and dual-camera setup.

Now as for overall availability, it seems that some details are scarce for the likes of Verizon and Sprint. When it comes to AT&T, the V30 will be available in stores starting on October 6th and is priced at $810, if purchased outright, or for $27 per month for 30 months. T-Mobile has confirmed that the V30 will be hitting storefronts on October 13th for either $800 outright or $30* per month for 24 months with a deposit of $80.

At this time, there has been no update from Sprint or Verizon, but we’ll be sure to update everyone once those release dates are revealed. Let us know what you think about the LG V30, and if you want to learn more, hit the links below.

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[The Verge]

*Updated with proper pricing from T-Mobile*


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