Some Pixel XL users are reporting random reboots on Android Oreo


With every new release of Android comes a spate of problems that need to be worked through. Android Nougat launched with some Bluetooth issues that prevented people from connecting to their Bluetooth-enabled devices, while Marshmallow had no shortage of launch issues too. Now it seems as though an issue from the developer preview version of Android Oreo has made its way into the launch version.

The issue was first logged on the Google Issue Tracker back in July 2017 where Artem Russakovskii reporting his phone rebooting faster than he’s ever seen and functioned weirdly afterward. The issue sees the phone perform a soft reboot and then afterward no sound is available at all until a proper reboot has been performed. Here’s how the issue is first described on Google’s issue tracker.

Have DP4 installed on Pixel XL. I was on the phone, then suddenly a reboot, but was a really quick one, never seen a phone reboot this fast before. Phone soft rebooted, audio unavailable in any app. Some apps fail silently, some not so silently (see attached screenshot).
A proper reboot using the system reboot option fixed the sound.

Now Artem is reporting that his Pixel XL is rebooting “pretty much every single day.” A cursory search of the term Pixel XL reboot on Twitter shows that lots of people are experiencing this issue after upgrading their Pixel XL to Android Oreo.

Google eventually responded to the original complaint about this reboot issue and marked the issue as “Won’t Be Fixed.”

Status: Won’t Fix (Not Reproducible)

We believe the issue was due to a known issue related to a file descriptor leak but it is hard to confirm without further context. We are working on improving error reporting around these cases to try to ensure they are easier to root cause in the future.

Are you experiencing any random reboots on your Pixel or Pixel XL that has received the Android Oreo update? If so, let us know in the comments what device you’re running Android Oreo on.

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