Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launches in 42 countries today — You Getting One? [POLL]


It’s September 15th, and that means the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here. It’s launching in 42 countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Singapore, Korea and major European markets.

Many of you have scoffed at its near-$1,000 starting price tag and vowed not to give into such an expensive buy, though early pre-order numbers indicate that it will be Samsung’s most successful Galaxy Note yet.

We’ve got one ourselves, and we can tell you in the early going that it is the only phone on the market right now that might be able to get away with it. It’s big, beautiful, fast, feature rich, and has almost no backbreaking flaws, save for perhaps Samsung’s repeated use of an off-centered fingerprint sensor and a smaller-than-expected battery.

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It’s been a few weeks since many of you have given initial impressions, but a lot can change in those few weeks. For those who initially committed to buying a Galaxy Note 8, are you still in? And for those who wrote it off, seen anything — whether directly related to the device or perhaps from market alternatives — that made you reconsider your stance?

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