Nokia implies the Nokia 8 will be available in the US this month


When the Nokia 8 was first announced it was originally believed that the US would be left out of the launch fun despite HMD’s earlier promises of releasing products on a global scale. It was then implied that they would instead launch a special customized version of the phone, whatever that means.

So fast forward to now, and the company is hinting that something indeed my come to the US. Responding to a tweet asking about US availability of the Nokia 8, Nokia reiterated that the phone will roll out “globally” this month and will be on sale within the next 2 weeks. The little smiley face on the end made it all the more reassuring.

Of course, we’re not going to get our hopes up just yet. We always have to leave open the possibility that this could either be a miscommunication or what we like to call a non-answer, which is when a company responds to queries for specific information with an over-generalized or misleading statement. “Globally” doesn’t technically have to include the US, after all. We’ll be looking to get in touch with top brass at HMD to see if they can shed more light.

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