Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already arriving for many of us, and it’s time to figure out which cases are the best ones to protect our devices. Below, we have listed some of the best options for just about every type of case.


Spigen Thin Fit – $10.99

Ahhh Spigen, how we love thee. Spigen makes some of the best cases, and you’ll definitely notice a few options in the list here. Starting off, we have the Spigen Thin Fit, which is nothing more than a snap on case, which features perfect cutouts for access to all of your ports.

Plus, what makes the Thin Fit awesome is for those who take advantage of Spigen’s Magnetic Air Vent mount. This case features a cutout on the inside of the case which makes it easy to attach the metal plate to the case and continue to use your Air Vent mount.

Buy the Spigen Thin Fit

Maxboost mSnap EXTREME Smooth – $7.99

Maxboost cases have been around for a little while, and the Maxboost mSnap is a very excellent option to help keep your shiny new Galaxy Note 8 slightly protected. The case features a matte coating, which makes the slippery Note 8 easier to grip, while still offering a bit of protection in case you need to avoid a complete disaster.

Buy the Maxboost mSnap

Bear Motion Slim Cover – $7.99

While the Maxboost offers slightly a bit more protection, the Bear Motion Back Cover falls in line with the Spigen Thin Fit. This is due to the fact that it’s literally a snap cover that will help protect the back of your Note 8 from getting scratched up, while also giving you some extra grip throughout the day.

Buy the Bear Motion Slim Cover


Trianium Clarium Hybrid Cover – $7.99

Moving one step up from the ultra-slim cases for your new Galaxy Note 8, we’ll take a look at some clear case options. The Trianium Clarium Hybrid features an all-transparent design, allowing you to still show off how gorgeous the Note 8 is without risking any damage. The Clarium Hybrid also features raised bezels to keep your display from touching surfaces if you decide to put it face down.

Buy the Trianium Clarium Hybrid

Maxboost Hyper Pro Series – $7.95

The next option in the clear cases comes from Maxboost with the Hyper Pro series. This case is a bit different as some more attention as been paid to the frame of the Galaxy Note 8. The Hyper Pro features GXD material which provides shock absorption, just in case your Note 8 ends up falling out of your hands. Plus, the rear of the case is completely clear so you can show off how shiny your Galaxy Note 8 is.

Buy the Maxboost Hyper Pro

i-Blason Clear Hybrid Bumper – $9.99

Much like the Clairum Hybrid, the Clear Hybrid Bumper from i-Blason features an all-transparent design, save for the small branding that can be found on the right-side of the case. However, putting the branding aside, the Clear Hybrid Bumper features 3H scratch-resistant material, which should even save your case from being scratched by some keys accidentally.

Buy the i-Blason Clear Hybrid


Spigen Glitter Crystal Quartz – $11.99

Who doesn’t love showing off some bling or glitter with their phone cases? Luckily there are a few options already for the Galaxy Note 8, and Spigen is leading the pack with the Glitter Crystal Quartz. Not only do you get to keep your Galaxy Note 8 protected, but you’ll be able to show off how awesome this case looks while you’re out and about.

Buy the Spigen Glitter Crystal Quartz

Ringke Air Prism Glitter – $7.99

Moving onto a trusted brand in Ringke, the Air Prism Glitter also offers a bit of sparkle and glam. Best of all, this case isn’t just for looks, as the Air Prism Glitter also features a soft TPU layer to keep your new Galaxy Note 8 protected. What may put this case over the others is the included Holographic Deco film sheet which is removable and adds a “gorgeous rainbow iridescent back design”.

Buy the Ringke Air Prism Glitter

CASY MALL Hybrid Slim Fit – $9.99

Last but certainly not least is the CASY MALL Hybrid Slim Fit. While this case isn’t all sparkle and glitters like the other two options, the Hybrid Slim Fit has a unique design on the rear of the case. Best of all, this case includes a dual layer TPU design, which will keep your Galaxy Note 8 protected and looking good at the same time.

Buy the CASY MALL Hybrid Slim Fit


BENTOBEN Heavy Duty Rugged Bumper – $15.99

For those who don’t care about frills or are worried about breaking the glass on their beautiful new Note 8, here are some more rugged options. Starting off with the BENTOBEN Heavy Duty Bumper, this case features 4 layers of protection, including plastic and silicone pieces to make sure that even a terrible drop will keep everything protected.

Buy the BENTOBEN Heavy Duty Rugged

i-Blason Ares Full-body Rugged Clear – $19.99

i-Blason is back on the list with the Ares Full-body Rugged Clear. This case features a built-in screen protector, and additional drop-defense found on each corner of the case. Additionally, the rear of the case is clear, so you can still show off the shine of the Galaxy Note 8.

Buy the i-Blason Ares Full-Body Rugged

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Shield – $19.99

The final rugged option today is the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Shield. This comes from a tried and true series of cases from Supcase, as the Unicorn Beetle has been around for quite some time. The case features dual layers and a flexible TPU, along with a built-in scren protector and clips into a swiveling belt clip holster.

Buy the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Shield


Spigen Slim Armor CS Case – $15.99

Wallet cases are excellent if you’re looking for function over fashion, and Spigen leads the way with the Slim Armor CS case for the Galaxy Note 8. This case features both TPU and rigid PC to help keep your device protected, while also featuring a slim and lightweight design. Finally, the rear of the case slides out, allowing you to hold your credit cards, cash, or even ID so you can leave your wallet at home.

Buy the Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

Maxboost mWallet Series – $18.99

Stepping in the fashion department a bit is the Maxboost mWallet Series of cases for the Galaxy Note 8. The mWallet features a faux leather material around the case, while allowing the device itself to easily snap into place. Plus, the mWallet is a folio-style case, giving you easy access to your cards or cash on the inside of the wallet.

Buy the Maxboost mWallet

Ringke SLIM Superior Slender – $7.99

Rounding out the wallet options is the Ringke SLIM Superior Slender. This case is extremely minimal, but still, features cutouts on the rear of the case to house your cards or other minor necessities while you’re out for the night. It’s important to note though, this case from Ringke “only” features enough slots to house 2 credit cards or ID’s.

Buy the Ringke SLIM Superior Slender

Made by Samsung

Samsung S-View Flip Cover – $59.99

While many of the aforementioned cases are great options, there are some “purists” who don’t like using anything but Samsung’s own cases. Starting off with the Samsung S-View Flip Cover for the Note 8, this case allows you to quickly see various pieces of information without actually opening the lid at all. Plus, there’s a built-in kickstand so that you can prop up your device to watch some of your favorite Phandroid videos.

Buy the Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Samsung LED View Wallet Case – $59.99

Much like the S-View Flip Cover, the Samsung LED View Wallet case also gives you the ability to check on notifications from the outer cover. However, this case automatically puts your Note 8 to sleep when the cover is closed, and will wake your device whenever the cover is opened.

Buy the Samsung LED View Wallet Case

Samsung Alcantara Cover – $49.99

The Alcantara Cover is one of the most beautiful cases available for Samsung devices, and it has made its way to the Galaxy Note 8. The rear of the case is extremely soft, and provides a great amount of grip for your device, without having to worry about something bad happening in the case of a drop.

Buy the Samsung Alcantara Cover

Samsung Rugged Cover with Kickstand – $39.99

If you were worried about Samsung not providing a rugged OEM Galaxy Note 8 case, you can rest easy. The Samsung Rugged Cover comes complete with a built-in kickstand and military-grade ruggedized design to protect against drops.

Buy the Samsung Rugged Cover

Samsung Clear Protective Cover – $19.99

The final option is the cheapest of Samsung’s OEM Galaxy Note 8 cases, and it’s the Clear Protective Cover. The case doesn’t do much in terms of real protection of the display, but will keep the corners and rear of your new Note 8 protected from things such as keys or other items in your pocket.

Buy the Samsung Clear Protective Cover


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