Even at $1,000, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is poised to be hugely successful


Many spelled the doom of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 once the price tag for the device was revealed. Most will be looking at an average MSRP of $950, and that’s just before taxes. Long story short, expect to shell out close to $1,000, if not more depending on what your area’s sales tax is looking like and if you’re opting for a higher capacity model available in certain regions.

Even if the device has all the chops to justify that price tag, it’s still pretty exorbitant and we wouldn’t blame even the most die-hard Samsung enthusiasts for passing up on it. But shockingly enough, it seems the phone could sell just fine.

Early pre-order numbers in South Korea show that 395,000 people have put down their money to buy the device on its first day of availability. Here’s the perspective on that:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 only managed 380,000 pre-orders in its first 2 weeks.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 family combined to drive 550,000 pre-orders in just 2 days.

Those numbers may seem low in a vacuum, but remember that pre-sales of anywhere from 100,000 to 250,000 could be seen as a hit in South Korea, with the million unit mark that is often reached upon launch being their first major milestone for calling it a success.

Simple extrapolation in other markets can’t possibly tell an accurate story, but South Korean launch performance for Samsung phones typically sets the tone for the global launch. If history repeats itself, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is certain to fare even better than the doomed Galaxy Note 7, and could even encroach on S8 levels of success. Either way, it would be an impressive showing when considering its high price tag and the now-shaky past of this lineup.

via Korea Herald

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