Watch the Galaxy Note 8 undergo a brutal durability test [VIDEO]


We’re still a good week away from the official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date (September 15th) but that hasn’t stopped the phone from arriving early for pre-orders. For those still on the fence — and perhaps questioning the phone’s durability — this latest video might help ease some of those fears.

Zack from JerryRigEverthing is here to do the honors, putting the phone through his famous torture test in an attempt at gauging the phone’s durability. As pretty much is the standard for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line, the Note 8 is basically a solid piece of metal sandwiched between two slabs of glass. You’d think that would make the phone super fragile, but Samsung has come a long way since the all plastic bodies of Galaxies past.

Zack uses a variety of picks and razors to scratch the glass, metal frame, and anything else in view. The phone bounces back from the lighter tests and does a bang up job of surviving Zack’s brutal, kung fu grip bend test. Call it in: the Galaxy Note 8 is solid.

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