Sep 6th, 2017

Who doesn’t love watching a $700+ device get absolutely wrecked to see how well it stands up? Well, I don’t know about you, but I do, and JerryRigEverything is back at it with his durability test and this time we have the Essential Phone.

Part of the reason what makes this specific durability test so interesting is the titanium that was used on the sides of the Essential Phone. However, during the test, you see that there’s a plastic rim around the titanium, and it’s easily scratched with a razor blade. This plastic rim will help to remove any pressure from the front or back panels in case the PH-1 is dropped.

As for the rear of the device, Essential claims to use Ceramic to help with durability and to prevent scratches. And you’ll be happy to know that seems to be the case here as the back began scratching at a level 8, which means your PH-1 will definitely be fine in your pocket with some keys.

Moving on, the next test shared was the bend test. Despite attempting to bend the device from either direction, the Essential Phone showed little give, which is a testament to the overall build quality of the device.

The final test shown by JerryRigEverything is the burn test. After holding a lighter flame to the display for 9 seconds, the pixels turned off and went black. But luckily, the pixels “came back to life” after the heat was removed, and you could hardly see any residue from the test on the display.

There’s a chance that we’ll see a drop test with the Essential Phone soon, so hit the video link above and let JerryRigEverything know whether you would like to see that or not. In the meantime, give us a heads up about the Essential Phone and if you are currently considering picking one of these up for yourself.

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