Sprint will be the first US carrier to offer the LG V30+


In case you were incapacitated for much of yesterday, you would have noticed that LG took the wraps off of its latest flagship smartphone with the LG V30. There was much information to be shared, and we did plenty of it, to bring you as much information about the device as possible.

However, it seems that there is another variant of the LG V30 that wasn’t talked about too much, and that’s the LG V30+. All 4 of the major US carriers already announced plans to carry the LG V30, but it seems that Sprint is getting lucky and will be also be carrying the LG V30+.

There is only one major difference between the LG V30 and the V30+, and that’s in the storage department. While the V30 includes 64GB of expandable storage, the V30+ will feature 128GB of expandable storage, but it seems that’s the only difference between these devices.

Unfortunately, pricing was not shared regarding the V30+ and there was no mention as to when the device will be launching, so we’ll have to wait to hear more. Let us know what you think about this device, and if you’ll be looking to pick up the LG V30+ if you’re already a Sprint subscriber.

In the meantime, hit the links below to learn more about the LG V30.

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