Aug 25th, 2017

One of the few complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that its battery is a bit smaller than expected. It’s more than the 3,000mAh pack inside the Galaxy S8, but smaller than the 3,500mAh inside the Galaxy S8 Plus. The Galaxy Note 7’s pack was also 3,500mAh.

Naturally, that looks like a decline on paper despite the Galaxy Note 8 having room for more. But DJ Koh — Samsung Mobile’s chief — says that while the overall capacity is smaller, consumer should still see overall improvement compared to the Galaxy Note 7 thanks to the Snapdragon 835’s power efficiency. The chip is 30% more efficient than previous units.

It’s hard to get a solid idea of how that’ll translate to actual battery life. As we know, there’s more to it than how much power the chipset uses. There’s the display (which, for what it’s worth, also always sees efficiency improvement), software optimizations (or lack thereof in some cases), and overall usage patterns that differ from user to user, with some apps and features using more battery than others.

So which is it? Is battery better or worse? It’d be easy to accept either rhetoric based on raw numbers, but we’ll have to wait for more pointed tests to know once and for all. You know we’ll be looking into that particular area as soon as we can.

via The Investor

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