Aug 16th, 2017

The OnePlus 5 is easily my top pick for the best Android device you can buy right now (even if it didn’t take first place on our Best Android Phones list). If you value performance, there’s simply nothing currently on the market that even comes close.

To help kick off your school year right, OnePlus and DJI are having a sale, offering big discounts when you buy both of their products together in a bundle. There’s a few different options too depending on what you’re looking for, some that include the OnePlus 5 itself, or just DJI products with various apparel and gear.

And that is every bundle you’ll find on the OnePlus “Back to School” sale page. Some of these are semi-permanent and have been around from the start (the stuff that doesn’t include DJI products) so don’t worry about those going away anytime soon.

Either way, if you’ve been in the market for both a OnePlus 5 or DJI product, now’s a great time to save some money by buying both. Even if you decide you only need the phone, hit up the link below to get $20 any official OnePlus accessories to go with a brand new OnePlus 5.

Buy the OnePlus 5 ($20-off accessories)
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