Lots of Final Fantasy games are half off on Google Play [DEAL]


Heads up classic JRPG fans, Square Enix has discounted quite a few of its classic Final Fantasy games on the Google Play Store. That’s good news, since these games are on the more expensive side usually. You can pick up a handful of these for less than $10 now, which isn’t bad if you want to be able to play these old classics on the go.

Final Fantasy Google Play Sale

  1. FINAL FANTASY – $3.49 was $6.99
  2. FINAL FANTASY II – $3.49 was $6.99
  3. FINAL FANTASY III $6.49 was $12.99
  4. FINAL FANTASY IV $7.99 was $15.99
  5. FINAL FANTASY IV: AFTER YEARS $7.99 was $15.99
  6. FINAL FANTASY V $7.99 was $15.99
  7. FINAL FANTASY VI $7.99 was $15.99
  8. FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS $7.99 was $13.99

If you’ve been holding off on picking up one of these games because you were waiting for a sale, now’s your chance. There’s no telling how long the sale will last as there’s no timer for them on Google Play.
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