We might have to wait another whole year for Samsung to fix their fingerprint issues


Samsung’s original plan when removing the physical home button in their flagship phones was to implant the fingerprint sensor beneath the display on the front, which some agree is the most natural position for it. The problem is that technology wasn’t ready in time for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

We were hoping it would be ready in time for the Galaxy Note 8, but that’s not happening here either. Surely the Galaxy S9… right? Nope, not according to a new report from KGI. The earliest we’re said to be getting the goodness is in the Galaxy Note 9, which figures to be about a year from now if Samsung’s R&D schedule holds up.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 debuted as one of the most well-rounded smartphones ever. It excels in almost all areas of both design and function, but there was one annoying trait that most agreed was a step backward: the rear-facing fingerprint sensor.

It wasn’t the sensor being moved from front to back that made the change bad — we love this orientation on other smartphones — but rather its lateral positioning.

Having it offset to the right of the camera lens could make for some accidental smudging of the glass as you fidget around trying to place your finger on the sensor. And even if you’ve mastered the art of pinpointing the fingerprint surface, it’s still inherently more awkward to use with one hand than it is the other. It’s a blight, plain and simple, and we’ll probably have to suffer through at least 3 more flagship launches before Samsung is finally able to fix it.


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