Jul 28th, 2017

GoPro’s cameras have always been fantastic about capturing the action, but sharing that action with your peers can prove to be a bothersome hurdle for many. The company has been working to make this experience better in recent times with their Quik app, but they’re taking it to the next level with QuikStories.

Essentially, QuikStories automatically takes the newest clips it can find from both your connected GoPro and your smartphone and attempts to create a highlight reel. It’ll splice your photos and videos together and maybe even drop some background music in there. You can make any edits and changes you want, and from there, you can easily share it to your preferred social network of choice.

It’s nothing we haven’t seen from other platforms, such as Google Photos, but for GoPro users, QuikStories figures to cut out a lot of the overhead work to get something quick and shareable in times where you’re not overly concerned with crafting a blockbuster action film. We’re game. All you’ll need is the updated GoPro app and you’ll be well on your way.

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