Jul 27th, 2017

Earlier this week Motorola announced the Moto Z2 Force — their big new flagship device for 2017. While the device in and of itself is nice, the Z line has always been all about the Moto Mods of which there are also a few new ones worth talking about. There’s the updated JBL speaker Mod, a fancy new 360-degree camera Mod, and arguably the most exciting: the Moto GamePad Mod.

Moto GamePad Mod: Price and Release Date

The GamePad Mod essentially transforms the Moto Z2 Force into a Nintendo Switch like portable gaming system, with analog controller grips on each side, physical buttons, and integrated 1,035mAh battery for an extra 8 hours of gameplay. You’ve probably seen photos of it around but what a lot of people didn’t know about the Moto GamePad Mod is that it’s actually a Verizon exclusive. Yup.

So if you had your heart set on using an old Best Buy gift card to pick it up, no can do. You’ll either have to walk into a Verizon store to get one or pre-order it through Verizon. The Moto GamePad Mod is priced at $80, which isn’t really a bad deal. For all those interested, you can find the pre-order link below.

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Pre-order Moto GamePad Mod

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