Despite Samsung’s efforts, Bixby button remapping is working again


Samsung keeps killing the ability to remap the Bixby button on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, but Android users are persistent. The latest attempt the block remapping was just a couple of days ago, but a bypass is already working.

The Sprint and T-Mobile OTA update that killed remapping apps are actually quite easy to circumvent. All you have to do is enable “compatibility mode” for the remapping app. This bypasses the effects of the update and allows the app to work.

The battle to take the Bixby button is likely not going to end anytime soon. Bixby, at its current state, is not very useful, yet Samsung dedicated a physical button to it. Users feel they should be able to do whatever they want with that button. Do yu use Bixby? Are you using a remapping app instead?

[via gsmarena]

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