Jul 3rd, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 11:24 am

There’s no question that the market is still headed toward the “bigger is better’ direction when it comes to our mobile devices. Whether consumers see the value in more screen real estate, or perhaps just better battery life, most folks tend to opt for the bigger of two devices when shopping around for a new smartphone.

This was exactly the case with the Samsung Galaxy S8 which saw the device’s display growing once again, reaching sizes of 5.8-inch for the “smaller” model and 6.3-inches for the larger S8+. That may sound excessive, but Samsung managed to change up the aspect ratio, making the device taller (instead of wider) by stretching out the aspect ratio.

It seems they may have hit a sweet spot with consumers — at least here in the US — but instead of the bigger model being the most popular, it’s actually the smaller S8 model that’s reportedly been outperforming sales of the S8+. This is actually quite exciting for a small phone lover like myself, as we could finally start seeing more one-handed devices launching in the future.

I will say, I have noticed a lot of chatter from readers in the comments or just on social media about how the S8+ was just a little too unwieldy, so it seemed like many people tended to opt for the smaller model (despite the surprisingly mediocre battery life).

Which leads me to my next question: for those of you that purchased the Galaxy S8, which model did you get: the regular S8 or the larger S8+?

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