Samsung is looking to give you more storage with the Galaxy Note 8


As the years have passed, we have come to rely on our devices more and more to perform all sorts of functions. These functions have changed the trend in the amount of storage that we are using on our devices, which is a far cry from the days where 8GB of storage was enough.

The current trend, at least for flagships, sees the devices feature 32GB of storage, but Samsung is looking to buck that trend with the Galaxy Note 8. A new report claims that the Note 8 will come in either 64GB or 128GB, giving users more choice without needing to “settle”.

However, even if 128GB isn’t enough for you, the report claims that the microSD card slot will be returning. This will allow you to expand up to 256GB of storage for a total of 384GB of storage on a 6.3-inch device that is carried around with you all day.

Let us know if this move to include more base storage is appealing to you, and if you will be looking to pick up the Note 8 once it’s launched.



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