Samsung’s marketing underwent big changes after Note 7 disaster


While the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was hailed as one of the best smartphones at the time of its release, the battery explosion debacle that resulted in two recalls, flight bans, and numerous people associating the “Galaxy brand” with spontaneous combustion did some real damage to the brand in the eyes of consumers.

In fact, Samsung’s marketing department had to go through a lot of changes to deal with the fallout of being associated with carrying a living bomb on an airplane. Marc Mathieu serves as the brand’s US marketing official and he’s stated he wouldn’t wish this debacle on any marketer because it was a nightmare to deal with.

“We were getting free [negative] advertising anytime people would board a plane – we didn’t need that. But we had to listen to consumers and hear what they had to tell us, both the ones that like you and the ones that don’t.”

Samsung focused on making sure the world knew it put the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ through the most stringent safety requirements by showcasing videos like the one below.

While that’s great for the average tech-informed consumer who is aware of the difference between the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note series, the real test of whether Samsung’s marketing department has turned this debacle around for the company will be when the Galaxy Note 8 releases later this year. Rumors suggest it could be coming as early as August, so we’ll see just how well Samsung’s marketing department adjusts then.

Are you looking forward to the Galaxy Note 8 reveal?

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