Jun 12th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 11:26 am

We didn’t know whether Samsung would be bringing Bixby to other or older smartphones. The digital assistant launched as a standout feature — though an incomplete one at launch — for the Galaxy S8, and that phone even has a dedicated button to initiate it.

But according to ETNews, Samsung could be looking to make it available for other folks. The feature is said to be coming standard on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE. This is technically considered a new flagship-level release, so we can’t say that it’d have launched on older devices. But we all know the Galaxy Note 7 FE is a fancy name for refurbished Galaxy Note 7.

The report goes on to suggest Samsung will ship over 450,000 of these, which is a lot more than the 150,000 units originally said to be offered. Most of them will be available in South Korea and we may see it sparingly in other regions, though this isn’t expected to become Samsung’s next big thing… again. Leave the heavy lifting to the Galaxy S8 for now, and look forward to the Galaxy Note 8 if you still can’t live without an S-Pen.