Jun 8th, 2017

Tech enthusiasts are all-too-familiar with three bitter rivalries embedded in the top of the mobile food chain:

The two companies wage technological warfare by constantly one-upping each other via cutting edge hardware and groundbreaking new software features. They try to drag each other down through a nonstop barrage of intellectual property and patent litigation. But when it comes down to it they’ve also got their rivalry to thank for much of their success.

Business is business and neither Apple nor Samsung will hide it. In fact, they’re both putting their relationship on display… in the upcoming 10th Anniversary iPhone 8.

This week Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman, Kwon Oh-hyun, will be meeting with Apple executives to discuss a number of partnerships regarding components. Most notably the display: rumors suggest Apple will move from using an LCD screen to Samsung’s best-in-class OLED screen for their new iPhone and supposedly they’ve already ordered 100 Million units for their latest and greatest device.

A few assumptions can be made from this partnership but the most obvious one is this: expect the new iPhone 8 to have an amazing screen.

Samsung is much more than a mobile phone company; they make everything from TVs and Washers/Dryers to Refrigerators and Vacuums. It’s no surprise that different departments form their own strategic alliances to maximize revenue, but it will be interesting to look at the new iPhone 8 and see Samsung’s Galaxy staring you right in the face.

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