Magikarp Jump is a game that gives meaning to the most useless Pokemon ever


The latest Pokemon game to hit mobile is Magikarp Jump. If you aren’t totally in-tune with Pokemon affairs, Magikarp is the absolute most useless Pokemon. It knows one non-damaging, non-status-affecting move, Splash, for most of its life. It literally does nothing but makes it jump out of the water.

And don’t let the Magikarp fan club fool you: the fact that it evolves into one of the most OP Pokemon ever in Gyarados (yes, it is, don’t fight me on this) does NOT excuse the uselessness of Magikarp itself.

Anyway, it has a game now, and that game makes jumping a sport. So yay, Magikarp now has some mildly sensible reason to exist and for it to actually be wanted!

You train and feed Magikarp, and the more you train it the higher it can jump. Pit it against rival Magikarp to see who can jump higher. You jump highest? You win! Extreme sports at its finest.

Your career doesn’t start and end with the one Magikarp, though. You can catch more, with some having unique and rare patterns such as polka dots or calico. You can also befriend companion Pokemon like Pikachu to help cheer Magikarp on in a quest to find meaning in its otherwise pathetic little life.

The game features optional in-app purchases, and contrary to the usual agenda of developers wanting literally as much money as you’re willing to throw at them, you’ll be blocked from buying anything more than 5,000 diamonds, ever, so you parents with overzealous kids don’t have to worry about spending beyond a certain point.

These diamonds can be used to buy cosmetics or to speed up certain phases of your Magikarp’s training, but the game should otherwise offer a pretty balanced progression track without having to spend any coin.

Magikarp Jump is otherwise free on Android, so give it a try if you want to see Magikarp at its most glorious form.

Download Magikarp Jump at Google Play

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