T-Mobile gives Verizon customers a great incentive to switch


T-Mobile is taking aim at Verizon yet again with their latest switch promotion. They’re calling it #GetOutoftheRed, a movement they say will encourage the supposed millions of Verizon customers who feel “trapped” with Big Red to find liberation with T-Mobile.

Starting May 31st, the company is offering a free Switch by offering to pay any of your remaining device payments, as well as letting you keep your phone without having to trade it in, and getting insurance coverage on that phone. The money you get for your device payments is delivered within 15 business days on a prepaid MasterCard, too.

The catch is that this only applies to 2 classes of phones on Verizon: iPhones and Pixels. T-Mobile says that’s because those phones have the software necessary to support global networks, so full compatibility with T-Mobile’s network is ensured. They say they’re working on trying to support more, so we’ll probably hear about those details as they develop.

As for AT&T and Sprint customers, T-Mobile says they can still switch over, however they won’t be able to use their old phones right away due to carrier SIM locking (Verizon’s phones are all unlocked from the get go). That said, you can still get your device payments paid off, and you won’t need to trade in an old phone if you don’t want to, so long as you get a new phone on the Equipment Installment Plan. Consider your options and talk to a T-Mobile rep starting May 31st if you’re interested.

[via T-Mobile]

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