How to change the on-screen navigation buttons on your Galaxy S8 [VIDEO]


Samsung decided to throw its previous design iterations out the window when it launched the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. This included removing the home button which had been a staple of devices for far too long. In order to compensate, Samsung went to the drawing board to bring new on-screen navigation buttons, but not everyone is a huge fan of them.

Luckily, the Android community is so awesome that there are developers constantly working on providing ways to customize your device. Such is the case with the Galaxy S8, as a Senior Member over at the XDA Forums has created a new app which changes your navigation buttons.

Pixel Navigation Buttons on the Galaxy S8

If you navigate throughout the thread, there are a few different iterations, making it easy for you to get the Pixel buttons, or you can go back to the Android Nougat buttons. Making the switch is extremely simple, as you only need to install the APK file, which can be found here. Of course, with all APK files that aren’t found on the Play Store, you’ll need to make sure you enable the ability to install items from unknown sources, which can be done from the Settings app.

Once enabled, you can install the new navigation bars, then you’ll need to reboot your device. After your device has loaded back up, you should see the new navigation buttons in place. If you want to try a different look, or go back to the stock look, you need to navigate to your Apps within Settings and find “” and uninstall the app. 

Oh, and it’s probably important to note that this does NOT require root access to be enabled. Hit the link below to check out the different iterations and let us know how this works for you on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

[XDA Developers]


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