Google’s 4K Jamboard is stupidly expensive, but also stupidly cool


Google today announced the commercial availability of the Jamboard, their smart cloud-backed whiteboard display for enterprise users to collaborate with.

This is a 4K 55-inch panel complete with its own stand and a single cable setup thanks to the virtues of WiFi. Its stand makes it easy to move from board room to board room, and the tools you use to draw and write on it don’t even require pairing or charging.

You can pull images, text, and video straight from the web if you don’t already have assets of your own to throw up on it. And its low-latency real-time collaboration feature means you can make edits no matter where you are, so long as you have a nice big tablet to write on.

There’s just one problem: it costs $5,000. Five thousand freaking dollars. And that’s not including the hundreds you’d have to spend on annually for continued support and maintenance for Google. Oh, and that doesn’t even include the stand, which will run you another $1,200.

So you guessed it: this isn’t the casual cool gadget meant to go in your rec room (unless, of course, you’re just that well off). This is for the enterprise office who wants to step into the future and do away with the markers and chalk for something dynamic. If you’re in that type of environment, convince your boss that you need one of these and send them off to this link to get started.

[via Google]

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