The Galaxy S8 will be blown out of the water if these OnePlus 5 specs are real


Even before OnePlus began teasing its 2017 flagship, the OnePlus 5, we have been seeing leaked information regarding the leaks for the device. Last week, we saw some alleged schematics for the device, along with Geekbench results and more.

Now, Geekbuying has published the OnePlus 5 on its website, while sharing the entire list of specs that the device could be coming with. However, there is one rather large oddity when you look at the online listing.

This oddity starts when you see the same render which was used when the OnePlus 5 was leaked back in April, which shows dual-rear cameras. The reason this doesn’t line up is because the listing itself claims that the OP5 features one 23MP rear camera, along with the 16MP front camera.

Other specs shown on the Geekbuying listing seemingly line up with previous leaks and rumors for the OnePlus 5. The listing shows we will see a 5.5-inch QHD display, while the device is powered by the Snapdragon 835 SoC, 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

As we mentioned the first time we saw a rumor of 8GB of RAM to come with the OP5, this wouldn’t be all that surprising for OnePlus to do since it was one of the first OEMs to launch a device with 6GB of RAM. The worry here, of course, is that OnePlus properly uses the RAM and isn’t forced into a releasing a fix after the device has launched.

Finally, the listing claims that the OP5 will be packing a 4,000mAh battery into the mix, along with the expected USB Type-C charger. If true, this would be a huge battery to pack in, considering the OnePlus 3T “only” comes in at 3,400mAh.

Overall, we would take this listing with a few grains of salt, as it just looks like regurgitated information from other “leaks” and rumors.



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