Leaked image shows off rumored Amazon Echo ‘Knight’ with 7-inch display


Last week, we learned of a new Amazon Echo product that has been in the works and will add a touchscreen display. The device, codenamed “Knight”, will take over the place of the current Amazon Echo as the company’s flagship option.

A new leak from AFTVnews gives us a look at the Amazon ‘Knight’ in a rather blurry image, showing off the new display. The display looks to measure around 7-inches or so, and may even include a front-facing camera above the display, with the speaker nestled below.

The addition of a camera would hopefully mean that users would be able to make video calls, and possibly even voice calls. However, it’s unknown whether this would tie into your smartphone, or if you would need a landline to make calls.

Finally, we are still expecting to see the Amazon Echo ‘Knight’ launched sometime this month. Pricing is expected to be above $200, but no more than $300, which would be great for a true successor to the original Amazon Echo.

Let us know what you think about this latest leak for the Amazon Echo ‘Knight’ and if you would be interested in snagging one for yourself.

UPDATE: After the initial news broke, @evleaks decided to help out, leaking a much higher-res image of the Echo Knight here:



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