SURPRISE: The HTC U Ultra Sapphire edition actually uses real sapphire


The HTC U Ultra has been panned by many outlets for being an underwhelming device for its price point of $749. However, there’s a device that is priced even higher where all you get is a sapphire display instead of the regular Gorilla Glass option.

The HTC U Ultra Deluxe Sapphire makes use of Sapphire, but Zack from JerryRigEverything takes a look at the device’s durability to see if it stands up to HTC’s claims. To help put this in perspective, Zack also included a Tissot watch with a sapphire display as well as a Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector which claims to include “Sapphire Defense”.

The video starts off by looking at the Zagg screen protector and finds that it’s not true sapphire as it scratches at a level 3. Also, he states that if it were sapphire the screen protector wouldn’t catch fire, but it does rather quickly meaning that it’s primarily made of plastic.

While testing the HTC U Ultra Sapphire, Zack tested the Tissot watch at the same time. This gives everyone a pretty clear comparison of what Sapphire should scratch at, and there’s a bit of a surprise.

In a world where OEM’s use marketing ploys to help sell more devices, HTC bucks the trend as the display of the U Ultra holds up to the sapphire scratch test. If you care more about your display than you do the rest of the specs, and are okay with spending upwards of $900 on a device, then the U Ultra Sapphire would be great for you.

Let us know what you think about these findings and if you would consider purchasing a device who’s main feature is a sapphire display.


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