Some people are noticing image bleed issues on the Galaxy S8


AMOLED displays are great, but they aren’t without faults. Colors can be more saturated than real life and burn-in can be a problem. Still, most people prefer AMOLED over LCD. However, another issue with AMOLED has popped up on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Numerous users on Reddit have reported “bleeding” on the Galaxy S8 (and Galaxy S8+) display. We were able to replicate the issue on our own device. The bleeding is easiest to see when you have black lines on a white background. It’s faint, but in the photo above you can see the lines “ghost” to the edge of the display.

According to another Reddit user, this issue is nothing more than a limitation with Samsung’s OLED panels. To get technical, it’s due to their use of low-temperature polycrystalline silicon. Once Samsung switches to indium gallium zinc oxide, it won’t be a problem. Do you notice this on your Galaxy S8?

Joe Fedewa
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