Ecobee’s latest smart thermostat includes support for Amazon’s Alexa


Believe it or not, there are more options on the market other than the Nest lineup of smart thermostats. One such OEM is Ecobee and the company has announced the new Ecobee4 which improves on the Ecobee3 while offering some new smart home functionality.

The biggest improvement with the Ecobee4 is the addition of Amazon Alexa Voice Services support. This means that you can talk to your thermostat and change the current temperature in your home or room without fiddling with the on-screen buttons.

Other included features of the Ecobee4 include Wireless Room Sensors which allow your new thermostat to control the temperature in multiple rooms at once. The Ecobee4 can also recognize when you’re either home or out and will help your wallet out by overriding your schedule to maximize efficiency.

Pre-orders for the Ecobee4 are open starting today and you can get one for just $249. However, you may be able to save up to $100 depending upon your local Energy company. Once approved, you’ll receive $100 check in the mail from Ecobee.

Pre-order Ecobee4


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