May 1st, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 7:11 pm

It seems that although the design is out of this world, the Galaxy S8 lineup is still experiencing a myriad of issues. With all the efforts that Samsung put into making sure the battery wouldn’t catch fire, it seems the company left a bit to be desired regarding the rest of the device.

We’ve seen the complaints of devices randomly rebooting, as well as bug fix released correct displays which have a red tint. Now, it seems that users are already experiencing screen burn-in issues.

In one instance, the user has only had their device for a little over a week before seeing burn-in on the screen. The portion of the display which featured the burn-in is located where the on-screen home button is placed.

However, Samsung has already responded stating that there is “an algorithm to prevent burn-ins already equipped”. This also comes after Samsung was questioned regarding the possibility of the home button causing issues with the display, with Samsung explaining that the home button slowly fades in and out.

It’s unknown whether other users have run into this issue, but at the time of this writing Samsung has stated there are no other reports of a screen burn-in.

[Korea Herald]

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