Amazon’s next Echo might have a display, and it could be here next month


It’s about to be the storm of the Echo legion in 2017. Amazon yesterday announced the Echo Look, an Echo that doubles as your personal fashion buddy to tell you whether your butt looks fat in those jeans.

Next, they want to bring one with a display, according to CNet. There aren’t any details on what the display would enable you to do, but we imagine things like product previews for shopping, video calling, or even music lyrics for a karaoke night showing as some potential uses. Perhaps a quick preview of the weather? Baby monitor integration? Or maybe even something to preview the results of your fashion showdown on the aforementioned Echo Look? The possibilities are very numerous.

Immediately you might classify this is a natural evolution of the product, but you may recall when these home hubs first started coming out, the rationale behind them not having displays is because they were meant to be products driven purely by voice, so you could keep your hands free and let Alexa do all your heavy lifting for you in the background..

That line of thinking isn’t totally nonsensical, but who says they shouldn’t be able to do more? If you don’t need the display, well, don’t use it. But as trivial as it is for Amazon to add and as central as they want their Echo to be in your home, it should probably have one, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll do it. It’s said to be on its way in just 1 month.

Quentyn Kennemer
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