No, Google isn’t launching a new line of Bluetooth headphones (but we wish they were)

A pair of Google Bluetooth headphones passed through the FCC recently. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Google putting their stamp on a pair of quality Bluetooth headphones, and they probably work great with all Android phones whereas most average Bluetooth headphones have a few quirks to deal with!

But, sadly, that’s not what’s going on here. It seems these headphones are an updated version of the headsets Google has on offer for their employees. The old cans were still using a wire, so Google decided it was high time they stepped into the 21st century and cut the cord.

As such, you likely won’t ever be able to buy these Google-branded headphones, but now is a good time to start telling Google how cool it would be for them to announce something like them (with a prettier frame and USB-C in tow, we’d hope) to go alongside those new Pixel devices we know are coming later this year. Shout it from rooftops if you have to.

[via Reddit]